Elias Fairweather

Retiring and diminutive young priest


Elias is a young boy of fifteen. He wears his long, light brown hair in a braid, and his eyes are a deep brown color. He is diminutive in stature, less than five feet tall, and wears ill-fitting vestments that seem to be too big for him. He is always nervously fiddling with things in his small hands, and is the first to accept the blame for any ill events, often even stretching to construe mishaps as being his fault. His voice is high, gentle, and small, and he is always completely genuine, never snide or sarcastic.

As a cleric and follower of the teachings of St. Tradewind, he gives equal reverence to all of the gods of good, often calling on them collectively as the “sacred light” when he invokes their power. His doctrines express the importance of seeing the entire world as his home, and looking beyond all borders to consider all sentient life to be his kin and countrymen. As such, he expresses great curiosity in the world’s various cultures, and can easily overcome his shyness to ask questions about others’ beliefs and customs.


Elias’s life ended when, on an excursion with a young girl from a village he was traveling through, both her and he were trapped under a sudden landslide, mortally wounding both of them. Having already spent most of his power for the day, Elias had only enough magic left to heal one of them, and saved the girl’s life, dying of his own wounds before she was able to return with help.

Elias Fairweather

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